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The demons told me everything They whisper in my mind

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I guess in a sense, there is no right or wrong of using going about social media, everyone is free to talk and share whatever and however they feel freely. In a sense, there is a great danger to it from what could gain and retain from closely observing it, but the same can be said to the possitive space of it, where to how much good and important information you can learn from it. I think and wager of it as not to what is just good, but rather to what possitive effects could it bring me and the people that I care closely with and wager with its other realm of influences; is it healthy, distracting counter intuitive to what I intend and hope myself to be a part of. What I dislike from it is not important; to each of their own, but personally what I appreciate about it are the parts and spaces where we talk and share about the progression of things that involves art, personal, emotional, intellectual, psychological and philosophical growth.

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#35mm You are not the pain you feel, nor are you the part that periodically stresses out. None of these disturbances have anything to do with you. You are the one who notices these things. And you can permit the disturbances to come up, to face them instead of trying to bury them. Then, you can simply let them go.

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Defend with Honor. Victorious with Heart. Defeated with Acceptance. Conquer with Power. Reign with SUPREMACY!

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🤗 #independentpublishing #seoulartbookfair #ue10 #언리미티드에디션 #아트북

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Kayenta - 2018

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Albania, summer 2018

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Albania, summer 2018

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Model: @aksenova_ann

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By @lykhohrai

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By @gelpicristian #whyheremagazine

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On mange dans un fast-food #fastfood #usa #nyc #eastvillage

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something about this place #nyc #35mm

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