Another first. Attending a soccer game. Strange coming from a Dutch girl. Soccer is huge in our neck of the woods. Thank you to @holynolies for buying tickets. I had the best time. #Ajax #afcajax #floridacup #soccer #voetbal #Nederland #love #joy #laughter #happinessismyfavorite

11-01-2019 18:23:15

Happy Saturday! Can you spot your favorite jar?🤤 #HappinessIsMyFavorite #HappinessInJar

24-02-2018 10:55:23

FEAR tends to DRIVE our lives. ⬅️⬅️ We LOVE the word NO! What if.... We decided for one week, or a month or or a YEAR, we are to say YES to anything and everything (legal bahahaha) that was SCARY, NOT NORMAL and FREAKED US OUT?! Where would our lives be?! How much more would we GROW as people?! How many MORE opportunities would we be given because we were OPEN to receiving?! My life has FORVER changed because I said YES to designing my OWN LIFE a little over a year ago. Don't believe me? I'm healthier! I'm happier! I'm out of debt! I'm not working 12-15 hour days! I can afford to LIVE - not just exist! I've traveled to new places! I've met some of my best friends! I've realized my calling in life! I've realized that I'm able to do, be, and have anything I want in life! I am LIMITLESS - because I said YES! It's scary. But worth it to DISCOVER how much life really has to offer you.

14-03-2017 13:48:38

For the first time I'm putting myself first and it feels pretty damn good! #selfieinmycuteapartment #happinessismyfavorite #newme #putyourselffirst #newshirt #americaneagle

11-03-2017 20:16:19

Anything! 🤓

10-03-2017 10:55:57

HAPPY SUNDAY FUNDAY!Tried I did. Sucked I do. But I'm no quitter...

05-03-2017 18:48:04

Did you know GRATITUDE is a FREE 100% natural anti-depressant? Call me crazy but I'm sooo SERIOUS. There are a TON of anti-depressant medications out there. Mine was Celexa. I found my old prescription bottle yesterday while cleaning out boxes of stuff. ️ ⬇️⬇️GRATITUDE DOES THIS ⬇️⬇️ Releases natural endorphins into the blood stream that helps us deal with stress and pain! Relaxes our heart and improves sleep! Strengthens our immune system. It makes us feel good and blocks out negative emotions which makes us LESS PRONE to anger, stress, worry aaaand depression. Gratitude seriously effects your brain at a BIOLOGICAL level ((I went and got all types of fancy there!)) It BOOSTS serotonin and dopamine - which is EXACTLY what anti-depressants do! So next time you ask me WHY I'm so HAPPY all the time? I like to be happy! Smiling is indeed my favorite. But I have also STRUGGLED with depression and anxiety. If I have the POWER to naturally FIGHT that chemical imbalance MYSELF, I sure as hell am going to do it!! - Gratitude is free. Not sure where to start? I got you. ️️

03-03-2017 18:44:15

Ending my week in Italy like a baws! #happinessismyfavorite

10-07-2016 14:35:49

My friends > your friends #peekaboo #hahalovethem #happinessismyfavorite #drinkdrankdrunk #pics?yesplease!

22-05-2014 23:33:24