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15-11-2018 06:04:33

️Painting geek moment ️The building to the left in this painting by Francis Criss called Astor Place (1932) is @thecooperunion ! (where I went to school! The building to the right is currently a Kmart lol.) Always weird to see old paintings of places you have an intimate connection with.

15-11-2018 02:47:56

Spent the morning at the symphony, and the afternoon at the art museum with friends. This is R’s portrait of the youngest.

15-11-2018 02:08:14

The night at the Gala ... Brain 🧠 project

15-11-2018 00:26:27

"What a female jock"- Jayda

14-11-2018 23:46:32

gems from the 2nd floor (Caillebotte, Bastien-Lepage and Gauguin)

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14-11-2018 23:16:01

Las mujeres q me han enamorado | #WCW |

14-11-2018 23:02:13

This sneak peek from last weekend's wedding at the Dallas Museum of Art arrived just in time for our most recent collab with @insideweddings: What You Need to Know About Hosting a Wedding at a Museum. Stop by our story to give it a read! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ photo: @tylertyndellphoto @kaylaaallie wedding planning: @dfwevents ⠀ floral: @petalsaflorist ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ @heatherfulton_ #finallyfulton #dfweventsinc #insideweddings

14-11-2018 22:47:12

silk road

14-11-2018 22:23:55

Start your Friday night off with art by Ida O'Keefe and a musical tribute to Billie Holiday at the DMA Late Night!

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#Degas at the #DallasMuseumofArt

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14-11-2018 19:28:37

Amazing news! I've been selected to do a project called "Carrito de Memorias" at The Dallas Museum of Art, for the C3 Connections Visiting Artist program. This seemingly typical food cart inspired by the food carts of Mexico will invite the public to write a reflection about how food and gender intersect. I am seeking to create a dialogue about our perceptions of gender and how our memories interpret traditions that may shape these ideas. The narratives on paper will be used to create sculptures that demonstrate how these memories challenge or reinforce stereotypes. The opening will be in January. Here is my prototype I presented at the DMA today. More details soon! @dallasmuseumart #c3connections #visitingartist #artmuseumeducation #carritodememorias #art #cornhusks @cvadfablab

14-11-2018 19:26:43

@h._artemis #monet #art

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#henrymoore #sculpture

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