Mural on Fremont Street ️

09-12-2018 18:47:50

Kill ‘em with kindness

09-12-2018 18:09:00


09-12-2018 01:07:41

Loving life

08-12-2018 23:13:15

Oh yes it is.

08-12-2018 17:48:32

~Let's pretend we're NUMB~ ilovethisworldandidontwannadie

08-12-2018 13:39:36

does anyone else intensely miss life is beautiful cus uhh i do

07-12-2018 06:54:06

I will make a beautiful life for myself no matter what it takes

07-12-2018 00:52:26

Life is #vegas

06-12-2018 06:34:23

Happy Birthday to my brother from another mother! Hopefully we can link up soon

04-12-2018 18:04:14

lib withdrawals are hittin’ hard right about now...memories were made that i’ll never forget

04-12-2018 07:24:22

#GoodCompany #Elevate #Kinetic

03-12-2018 04:28:58

A Moment Apart Deluxe released today, go support my two favorite men in the music industry! 🤩

01-12-2018 05:15:03

Estamos bien

29-11-2018 23:54:45

Day 3 Festival Recap cut for @lifeisbeautiful 2018 (check it out on thier feed) Shot with: Canon 1DX Mark II & 5D Mark iv Edited in: Adobe Premiere Pro CC

29-11-2018 19:51:47

without birth and death, and without the perpetual transmutation of all the forms of life, the world would be static, rhythm-less, undancing, mummified. appreciate the beauty of the life given to you, to love yourself, and love others. each and every person is a work of art. find joy in each moment. just a little post to remind everyone to be grateful of every moment on this earth they are given. i love you angels<3

29-11-2018 19:45:47

i was going to caption this “Centre Stage” but im clearly “Down Left” #lifeisbeautiful #downtownlasvegas #fremontstreet #theatre

29-11-2018 18:18:51

• زندگیت رو دوست داشته باش. شکل بدنت رو دوست داشته باش. پوستت رو دوست داشته باش. صدات رو دوست داشته باش. مدلی که هستی رو دوست داشته باش، همه اینهایی که توی زندگیت هستن رو دوست داشته باش. "خودت رو دوست داشته باش." 🧡 • #photo #photography #sunrise #iran

29-11-2018 10:46:10

I’ve cut one tee shirt since @lifeisbeautiful in September (happily). God The Universe is asking for a new level of me. Luckily I have been provided with the tools and beautiful encouraging humans to produce at a higher level. Thank you to everyone who bought a distressed tee from me this year!

29-11-2018 00:08:37