Here @mfahouston, we are serving up good things in a great way. Fine art and good food, what a great way to spend your sunday. #sundayvibes #happydance #foodtrucks

16-12-2018 19:11:09

this was two years ago...

16-12-2018 18:08:48

16-12-2018 16:30:06

blue boyfriends

16-12-2018 16:17:58

I’ve got a pretty cute date 🥰 #happilyeverelsenbrook

16-12-2018 15:49:22

Got to celebrate some of the best people who chose the best venue in town for their wedding last night! We love you @emmaec and @sethelsenbrook #KVCforever #happilyeverelsenbrook

16-12-2018 15:41:31

The best time celebrating our pocket sized friend @emmaec and @sethelsenbrook last night!!

16-12-2018 15:35:46

16-12-2018 14:16:23

“Painting can develop just as much power as music possesses.” —Vasily #Kandinsky, born #onthisday in 1866. • #VasilyKandinsky, “Sketch 160A,” 1912, oil on canvas, #MFAH, gift of Audrey Jones Beck

16-12-2018 14:10:09

This wedding, man. This wedding. #happilyeverelsenbrook

16-12-2018 05:14:56

Give the people what they want!

16-12-2018 04:14:49

Looking forward to coming here, even in dreams... Finally!

16-12-2018 04:00:22

On my birthday, I joked to @ofthemorrow that the day had been great, but I hadn’t done anything super #instagramable. Well I’ve made up for it. Between visiting the Museum of Fine Arts, getting my hair done, dinner at The Grotto and actually seeing Samantha, it’s been a fantastic birthday weekend. And of course, very instagramable (not that that means much )

16-12-2018 02:51:00

Concert at MFAH with Carlos Pineda. A program of Bach, Penderecki, Kreisler, and Venezuelan folk music surrounded by amazing 20th century Venezuelan art

16-12-2018 01:27:20

The Real Bean. #Htown #sorrychicago #cloudcolumn

16-12-2018 01:10:57

uptown, downtown

16-12-2018 00:41:12

Series: Light // Photo: 002

16-12-2018 00:34:26

Time for Event execution.

15-12-2018 23:47:38

I think I found my wedding date tonight #happilyeverelsenbrook #ilovegoldens

15-12-2018 23:20:12

Don’t touch, it’s art

15-12-2018 23:00:01

I like these lights a whole watt

15-12-2018 22:56:11