Have a ball

15-12-2018 18:05:56

I did pretty well with one of my 2018 resolutions...I’ve only seen live music that was free or included in the cost of a bike registration fee. This is the first and only concert i paid for of the year. “Pretty Pimpin’” Kurt Vile at the Crystal Ballroom with @fletch_fletcherson Good people watching. I missed you, @damonfaust!

15-12-2018 17:54:38

@beatsantique // 12.27.2012

15-12-2018 17:52:31

Kurt Vile and the Violators. 12-14-18. Kurt always brings the #kurtvile #kurtvileandtheviolators

15-12-2018 17:51:42

@kurtvile rocked last night!

15-12-2018 17:22:07

good vibes at @kurtvile’s @crystalballroom show last night

15-12-2018 16:49:09

Kirt Vile, Crystal Ballroom, 12/14/18. #kurtvile #obligatoryblurryconcertphoto

15-12-2018 16:31:27

Thank you @kurtvile

15-12-2018 16:21:52

Kurt Vile - Pretty Pimping

15-12-2018 15:59:25

#kurtvile takin care of business last night

15-12-2018 15:51:47

KV, Jessica Pratt

15-12-2018 15:25:39

I'm an outlaw on the brink of self-implosion

15-12-2018 15:09:26

Spectacular show by Kurt Vile and the Violators tonight. He told the crowd that he loves us, several times, and I believe him.. I've never really treated myself for my birthday, but today I got the blue hairs I've wanted for about 5 years now, and I saw Kurt perform for my first time, with one of my dearest friends, Eden. It was a truly marvelous day!

15-12-2018 09:30:36

Partied w/ Kurt Vile and the Violators, reppin C.B.

15-12-2018 09:27:28

hard to admit; but it’s been close to five months since I’ve enjoyed live music . that’s about four months too long . thanknyou @kurtvile for feeding my soul & keeping me on my toes tonight . you are an incredible musician & artist . . . . #kurtvile #portland #pdx #pnw #livemusic #bepresent #greatshow #crystalballroom

15-12-2018 09:23:12

@kurtvile was amazing tonight!

15-12-2018 09:21:20

I never take pictures at concerts but had to sneak a quick one tonight and it’s not even good but I still like it and loved the show and our first time at the @crystalballroom. #kurtvile (Portland is finally growing on me and this makes me happy!)

15-12-2018 09:16:59

Last minute Kurt Vile. Lucky us!

15-12-2018 08:32:39

This was a cool moment that I forgot to post... also I want to see Beartooth again. #beartooth #concert #crystalballroom #portland

15-12-2018 08:15:34

Kurt Vile!

15-12-2018 08:13:26

KURT PARKS FOR FREE! #kurtvile #violators #IPARKFORFREE #pdx #crystalballroom #portlandoregon

15-12-2018 08:12:11

I don’t know if it’s real but it’s how I feel @jarcmablecki @kurtvile

15-12-2018 08:03:38