Enjoyed a fun and chill walked at Balboa Park with my best bud to see the Xmas lights without the crazy crowds. Even without the Xmas lights, Balboa Park is breathless and my church.

16-12-2018 19:15:56

It’s Sunday‼️ - Jose & Leidy during their engagement session at Balboa Park! #engagementphotos - 10 day left until Christmas‼️ Christ is soon to be born! Jesus is the reason for this season‼️ Remember that! - - I wanted to let everyone know that I am already booking for 2019 events. Please get in contact with me in advance if possible at least 6 months in advance so we can work out all the details. Thank God I already have a few events booked for next year so I am extremely grateful for the support! - #booking2019 #wedding - Dominguezphoto only exists with the help of Our Lord Jesus Christ and of course with everyone’s help. I know most of you may not know this but I pray everyday for my business. I ask God that if it is successful it is because He wanted it to be. I put my entire life and my family in His hands and all my hard work with both jobs as well. Dominguezphoto has not been easy, sometimes working 7 days working 12-14 hour days and stay up until 2 or 3 am editing but honestly it has been a true blessing for my family. My wife currently does not work due to the fact that two of our boys with autism need a lot of attention so Dominguezphoto has allowed me to keep a roof over their heads and bills paid. I am eternally grateful for everyone that has supported me since I started‼️You are all in my prayer Intentions‼️ Seriously though, I have a “Pray Intention List” going and you are all in there! Thank you all very much! - - “This is the day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it. “ Psalm 118:24

16-12-2018 19:07:05

Mahm took me to a place with 60 loaves of bread just like me

16-12-2018 19:06:20

Happy Sunday! Always taken back by this beauty. Something so magical about pregnancy.

16-12-2018 18:55:48


16-12-2018 18:55:03

Do your own kind of Beautifull !! #makeup #model #photoshoot #pictures #balboa #pretty #life #happy #beauty #brunette #beautifull

16-12-2018 18:53:01

#balboapark with the babe @krisjulia___ yesterday

16-12-2018 18:46:43

Park Stroll #family #love #happy #holidays

16-12-2018 18:44:22

Took this shot in front of the Botanical Garden at Balboa Park. #Photography #Nature

16-12-2018 18:34:27

"The more you love yourself, the less nonsense you'll tolerate" #SD #california #decemberlights

16-12-2018 18:31:48

16-12-2018 18:27:10

Balayage and grey coverage by @karlybrunerhair

16-12-2018 18:24:11

One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Blue Harness. #frenchbulldog #frenchie #frenchieinstagram #balboapark #sundayfunday #калифорния #французскийбульдог #philip #сандиего #frenchiepuppy #frogdog #frogdogcrew #puppylove #sandiegofrenchbulldog #sandiegofrenchbulldogs

16-12-2018 18:14:59

#unitwocorn pose @canyonsculptor

16-12-2018 18:07:38

It’s just so sunny. Balboa Park loop run this morning to start the day. #myeyes #sandiegowinter #blueskiesallday #hetoleratesmyselfies

16-12-2018 18:03:15

To say I’m grateful would be an understatement. Excited for the next chapter of my life Thank you to the incredibly talented beautiful soul I get to call my friend @lani_nicole_x for my grad pics! I love them so much! Check out her fabulous work at @black_moon_images

16-12-2018 17:50:22


16-12-2018 17:33:00