I had a blast at the basket ball game ️️️️

15-11-2018 07:41:41

Finally got to meet @swish41 #mffl

15-11-2018 07:19:24

Tonight’s game tho!

15-11-2018 06:26:34

️OKAY LONG AF WARNING AND EXCUSE MY UGLY SELF️ ———————||-//———————— @birdieblove & Nasira OML Thank you guys for making one of the best nights it’s so funny that we had those tickets the DAY OF when they released them! So to @twentyonepilots @maxfrost @awolnation Thank You guys for the best night of my life and I mean that! Tøps music has changed me so much, through depression and life problems y’all have helped me so much xox. During taxi cab @tylerrjoseph And @joshuadun I have never cried so much in my life There is so much I could say but I love you both and thank you for creating the music that y’all make I live for EVERYSONG, and for the openers @maxfrost and @awolnation y’all were the best openers at a concert EVER! I hope y’all succeed even more in your music careers! THANKS FOR THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE

15-11-2018 06:17:26

@945thebeat welcomes @travisscott to the American Airline Center TONIGHT! Thanks to our sponsor JD Byrider! Making more local winners than any station in central Texas! #945thebeat #local

15-11-2018 06:16:37

Had fun today at the Mavericks game. #mavs

15-11-2018 06:09:50

You know we had to do something big for the veterans 🇺🇸🤷‍️ #mavs

15-11-2018 06:04:31

Blessed and very thankful #dallas #mavericks

15-11-2018 06:04:22

First time at an NBA game. Ok seats. Great game. Dallas smashed Utah \\ #sportsball

15-11-2018 06:00:19

Thank you all for your service! No matter what you are wearing on your feet, may they always get you home safe! #seatsforsoldiers #dalvsuta #truemaverick #mffl

15-11-2018 06:00:18


15-11-2018 05:58:11

Had asupporting our boy @ekpeudoh @dallasmavs VS. @utahjazz @americanairlinesarena @tawanabrownwilliams

15-11-2018 05:56:20

#Dallas Mavericks #Basket

15-11-2018 05:52:12

Wednesdays are also for the boys

15-11-2018 05:48:10

My first Mavs Game! So glad to spend quality daughter/grandpa time ️️️ (and the score wasn’t half bad either!)

15-11-2018 05:46:20

The dynamic duo... back in action. 🤦‍️

15-11-2018 05:39:31