Time to get cultured by the LACMA museum 🧐

15-12-2018 18:46:37

The Berlin Wall. Well a chunk of it anyways. Really cool to see the artwork people put on both sides of this. Grateful for the time freedom to be able to travel when I want, for what I want.

15-12-2018 18:37:16

4日目🇺🇸 🥡🇯🇵 今日で最終日

15-12-2018 18:22:37

Christmas came early.

15-12-2018 18:21:17

Another holiday outfit inspo have you guys seen my new video? Check it out on my profile ️

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Cheers to two years Love you @sandwichfest #happyanniversary

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#I️Pupusas : Find us today Saturday across From LACMA 5900 Wilshire Blvd ⏰ 11:30 - 4pm V2 is @rollingloud : #LACMA #pupusatruck #pupusas #glutenfree #latinfood #foodtrucks #lafoodtrucks #eatla #eaterla #dinela #craftservices #foodblogs #rollingloud #vegan #foodies #foodporn

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#artinspo ️Pictured Here: “Rose Rock” Barbara Rossi, 1972 Acrylic On Plexiglas Panel #americanoutliers “Outliers and American Vanguard Art” @lacma

15-12-2018 17:17:14

La vida es el arte de dibujar sin borrar! Un sueño hecho realidad Lacma donde saben grabar las películas de Usa 🇺🇸 aquí en Los Ángeles California always be happy ️A dream come true guys I'm so happy.

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New on the Blog “By the time you’ve gone a quarter of a mile, if you have any mind at all, you’ve certainly forgotten what you had in mind when you started” – Rauschenberg (1982) Robert Rauschenberg and The 1/4 Mile, on display @lacma until June 2019. In this art installation spanning one quarter mile, discover the true meaning of mixed media and the countless techniques Rauschenberg experimented with: The 1/4 Mile has them all! #robertrauschenberg #rauschenberg #lacma #rauschenbergquartermile #quartermile #artinstallation #installationart #popart #modernart #textileart #mixedmedia #collage #sculpture #combines #sculptural #screenprinting #artblog #artwriter #artblogger #artandlife

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A large piece of the Berlin Wall lives in downtown Los Angeles. It’s there to touch and see, and remember.

15-12-2018 16:57:35

L A C M A .

15-12-2018 16:54:41

We love doing something at least once a week as a family, so I was super excited when I was recently given the opportunity to team up with @mother.ly and @babybjorn in a LA city guide for new moms. . I had so much fun exploring La-La Land with my little family and experiencing all the fun places it has to offer for mamas and their littles - and doing it with the new Baby Björn Baby Carrier Mesh One Air. . Head over to my stories to check out the article and see some family friendly spots in LA for day out with the babies and fam — PLUS, a little insider info ️

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Travel light. Live light. Spread the light. Be the light.

15-12-2018 16:19:13

Обязательное место к посещению, если будете в ЛА. А я зачекинилась своим любимым способом видео @kalivbs

15-12-2018 16:13:04