15-11-2018 06:22:59

️ 若然不是零下負度的氣溫 我肯定可以在這裡待一整天 美得要命凍到手僵也要拍下來🤧 #bostoncommon

15-11-2018 06:19:00

Boston you were beautiful

15-11-2018 03:22:39

aaaaand here is me. send me pics of you in your shirts!!! lots of people have asked about sizing, mine is an XS in this and dylan’s navy one is a M. it’s $20.21 and supports the film — which i am so incredibly excited for! feel free to DM me if you have any questions about sizes!!! and please check out the film and trailer :) #worlddiabetesday #thehumantrial #type1diabetes @obeygiant

15-11-2018 03:21:28

Boston beauties

15-11-2018 03:15:55

15-11-2018 03:11:24

This little thing wanted food and was not timid about it. Searched me for it! Got into my coat pocket and then wanted to look inside my purse. These Boston squirrels are fearless!

15-11-2018 02:49:06

Taking a picture of #DoctorWifey, taking a picture of me, taking a picture of her, amid the fall colors

15-11-2018 02:41:18

15-11-2018 02:36:58

Evening Boston not Lincolnshire.

15-11-2018 02:11:14

iMovie is the Song - H e a l i n g by Rainy

15-11-2018 01:48:18

The season says it all! ️

15-11-2018 01:43:23

Boston Common in Fall . . #fall #autumn #winteriscoming #boston #worktravels #zerodegrees #freezing

15-11-2018 01:19:41

boston babe

15-11-2018 01:02:01

Walking through the Common in blistering wind conditions just isn’t the same without you, @theshizzbiz!

15-11-2018 00:37:37

pink trucks & pink cheeks🥴 #dunkindonuts

15-11-2018 00:32:14