Unfadeable, so please don’t try to fade this! . . . . . . . #portrait #pursuitofportaits #dreammachine #nyc #ootd #influencer #photography

15-12-2018 18:57:26

15-12-2018 18:56:04

only if ya want 🦄

15-12-2018 18:55:21

Had the pleasure of shooting for my dearest @ninakhamidullina on her latest creation. Much love to all the beautiful people who helped us make this happen. Gaff: @mattfoundou Art: @im.ngozi Stylist: @demasiadita HMU: @el.ganz

15-12-2018 18:54:05

Art nouveau magic today Antique gold pendant with natural pearls and diamonds, circa 1900 - - - - - - - - #ootd #artnouveau #naturalpearl #diamond #jewelry #pendant #necklace #vintagependant #vintage #antique #antiquependant #jewelryoftheday #finejewelry #antiquejewelry #estatejewelry #vintagejewelry #gold

15-12-2018 18:52:49

Bar crawl commencing margaritas & hotdogs what more can a girl want

15-12-2018 18:51:53

Berry bowl with stripes

15-12-2018 18:50:51

Happy Birthday to my lovelies! Here’s to celebrating the blessings of sunshine you two bring to this world, for ten more years!! #bdaymadness #bdaygirls #funtimes #friendsforlife #beauties #livinglife #spreadthejoy

15-12-2018 18:46:46

Life is what you make it. I think I make it look good wouldn’t you agree #cuzgettinghitched

15-12-2018 18:45:36

tech the halls NEW TECH THEMED GIFT GUIDE on my blog! If you’re in need of a gift idea I’ve got you covered. Link in bio to ideas for learners, fitness addicts, some dev gag gifts & more 🤓. And if you don’t have a holiday or person to buy for, make Dec 25th “celebrate you day” and buy yourself something, like the developer excuses dice set, my personal fav . ‘tis the season #techgadgets cily

15-12-2018 18:43:29

*Picture yourself here* ⬆️ // The Merry Maker Holiday Markets await! Hang with us this Saturday in Venice, and all weekend in Williamsburg for festive photo opps with our Hipster Santa, discover the perfect holiday gifts, and more! Don’t forget to tag us in your festive market photos for a chance to be featured!

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15-12-2018 18:41:57

Latest @luneverte_studio sample in the wild...the plants are taking over

15-12-2018 18:40:43

Season Finale. 12/31 #NYE #Brooklyn #williamsburg ##SeasonFinale

15-12-2018 18:38:39

Especially for @joycew2ng - excerpt from Michael Markowsi’s “City Trees,” a composition about living in New York City. Performed today by the New York City All-City High School Orchestra. This City is always yours now, Joyce!

15-12-2018 18:38:03

If you’re friends with me for a while you’ll end up having a guitar casually in your apt which is not a bad problem to have. #guitar

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15-12-2018 18:36:24

" Knowing when to walk away is WISDOM. Being able to is COURAGE. Doing so with your head held high is DIGNITY."

15-12-2018 18:35:36

15-12-2018 18:33:30