Only two hours away from the @afrobounceparty 4pm-9pm going down @wonderbarboston #dayparty #afrobeats #international #FREEFOOD

15-12-2018 19:04:35

Enjoy the holiday season! I’ll be preparing for phase two for my part in this human rights saga next year; stay tuned.

15-12-2018 19:04:35

Planning & Executing your strategies is what businesses need to focus on. Our CPR Formula has helped businesses like yours to grow double in revenue over the course in 3 months #marketing #seomanager #onlinebusinesses #entrepreneurlife #marketingagency #consulting

15-12-2018 19:04:27

New strangs!!! I like to play this riff on new strings cause they’re to slippy. 🤓

15-12-2018 19:04:01

15-12-2018 19:03:59

Thanks for teaching me how to catch auntie Sabs!! #dogparkfun

15-12-2018 19:03:59


15-12-2018 19:03:58

Another day, another chance to pursue my crazy dreams. #thankyougod

15-12-2018 19:03:36

Well going to a friends wedding

15-12-2018 19:03:20

Back like I never left

15-12-2018 19:03:20

• WHY TEAM FOX• || Kate || Team Fox Boston has not only given me a way to raise awareness and funds for Parkinson’s Disease research, but also the opportunity to connect with a community of peers who have also experienced a loved one being diagnosed with the disease. Through our fundraising efforts, we are able to make a tangible contribution to the Michael J Fox Foundation and be a part of their mission to find a cure. I wish I had access to this group when my father was first diagnosed, but I’m privileged to be part of a community that supports so many now. Why Team Fox? Because I believe we will find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease during my lifetime and I look forward to the day when my father and so many others are healed.

15-12-2018 19:03:13


15-12-2018 19:03:06

Crazy months work and work and work and work... can’t believe how I managed to survive barely slept for weeks. And here’s my love to my studio mate (probably soulmate) Yiming. Thank you so much for your help in everything. I will cherish this relationship and continue taking weird pictures for you. You’re welcome.

15-12-2018 19:02:51

Blessings on blessings, love my CHV family

15-12-2018 19:02:30

15-12-2018 19:02:29

Follow me for more of the hottest girls around @laurentaylor05

15-12-2018 19:02:19

Cool shot while stopped at a red light last night... very festive building above me! ...‍️...... #christmaslights #viewsfrommybike #downtown #commuterviews

15-12-2018 19:02:15

Work Gala, adult prom, who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

15-12-2018 19:02:09


15-12-2018 19:01:54