Mindjárt hétvége! 🤗 Én biztosan egy kis olvasással is fogom tölteni, mert megjelent a legújabb, decemberi Marie Claire. ️ Soon weekend. For sure I will spend my time with some reading because new, December issue of Marie Claire came out. #read #lovereading #fashion #fashionista #fashiongram #beauty #beautiful #marieclaire #hungarian #magazine #style #stylish #blog #blogger #blogpost #post #hungarian #english #follow #fashionbyadriana

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Roasted pork brain. ️

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Free the guys til they all free

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Chicago photo: @el.misaaeel follow: @night_city_photo

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#Repost @kristiekahns with @make_repost ・・・ is it too soon to complain about the weather?? it’s frigid outside, and I’m already missing hot summer days... like when @spritesoren and I made photos at the freshly completed @felipepantone mural on the @blinechicago. I miss #summertimechi

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I want to wish a Happy Birthday to the love of my life 🥰 22 years old! He’s getting so old on me!!! Yet it helps both of us look so young despite growing old by the years lol, it’ll take some years before we actually look our age! ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️ Anyways....although, I cannot be there to celebrate your birthday there with you physically I hope you can make the most out of this day alongside your family. Not gonna lie, I really do wish though I could be there to celebrate this day with you (to make it extraaa special )...but sometimes in life as much as you want it to be a certain way it can’t be that way. You have to accept what you have as it is and see what you can do with it to make something meaningful out of it. I suppose in our case, make the most out of it over text! You deserve nothing but the best for this day, this is your day after all. I hope all your wishes come true this year! Crazy how I started dating you when you were 19 years old and now you’re 22 years old!! @_@ Time is flying by quick...but hey, as long as we’re spending that time together & making the most out of what life has to offer us Anyways, hopefully this post made you feel special!!! It’s the least I could do You mean the world to me after all! I love you so much babe ️ Don’t forget, YOU ARE SPECIAL & my one of a kind Yet again, Happy Birthday my precious!!! 🤗 Yes....I had to make a long post. Lots of love & admiration

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I met the most amazing man during my short visit to Chicago. My neice's handsome and incredibly well behaved son. He is the happiest baby I have ever seen but I'm biased. We just met and I already love him to absolute pieces!!!!!!!! @niecessity

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Барабанщики на грі "Chicago Bulls ". Це було круто #чикагобулс #chicagobulls #ilovechicago

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Bıraktım ortalık yansın. Yaş 21 #TBT #throwback #throwbackthursday #thursday #2013 #curly #curlyhair #young #smurfs

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