Now available on our online store! These are the perfect gift for any longhorn fan! 🤘 Link in bio! #Mexchico #handmademexico #longhorns #UT

15-12-2018 19:37:22

In space, stars can be gravitationally drawn towards each other, always in pairs of two. They will continue to orbit around each other for the rest of their lives. Gouache on canvas. 2018.

15-12-2018 19:37:00

Get you a co captain who will wink with you when a mysterious eye infection makes your eye swell shut in the middle of finals

15-12-2018 18:47:43

15-12-2018 18:31:23

15-12-2018 18:25:14

Another for “Into The Matrix” for @sparkmagazinetx Writer: @cruzship Stylist: @meganarimanda Model: @glennbeauxzant HMUA: @cameronpolonet Layout Design: Mingyo Lee

15-12-2018 18:17:31

When I went to UT

15-12-2018 18:17:24

Once a semester we trade our unisuits for actual suits ‍️ #TexasCrew #Banquet

15-12-2018 18:12:40

15-12-2018 17:58:15

Another “What’s up, dog?”

15-12-2018 17:33:10

*accidentally graduates early* . . on a serious note: thank you to all the friends, family, and professors who supported me through the entire journey and made me realize my true potential. i owe my (accidental / early) graduation all to you

15-12-2018 17:12:38

Somebody get this queen her hairspray‍️ @texasasr

15-12-2018 16:55:49

La aventura nos aguarda…

15-12-2018 16:39:55

Waiting for the carolers!

15-12-2018 15:48:23

This is how I'm walking into 2019. You need to find you someone who can switch it up... Like me LOL. S/o to @thenameisdan for these incredible photos from our photoshoot you were the best man thank you. These are my new professional images for being a dance instructor. So many great new things in store in this new year and I'm open to receiving all of it. Hit me up for private lessons on Salsa On1, Mambo Salsa on2 NY Style, Bachata, and Cha Cha. @austininspiredmovement #austintexas #yamastyle #dance #latindancer #newlook #lookinggood #loveyourself #salsaon2 #salsaon1 #bachata

15-12-2018 15:16:22

Making it through finals with a little blood, sweets, and tears.

15-12-2018 15:12:13

That time my Brother’s (and GrandΣon) Sister became my SiZter I am SO proud of you, @danielaaale18 , and I know that @fonzguzman is over the Crescent moon ecstatic that his baby sister and best friend is now our Sawrawh! You chose the #Finer path, and I’m excited to see you flourish in Zeta! Congratulations to you, Love ! #ΖΦΒ #ΦΒΣ @sigmachesterfields1914 @blueandwhite_constitution @southernblueandwhite

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Color inspiration at University of Texas Austin #jamesturrellthecolorinside ##ellsworthkellyaustin #nancyrubinmonochromeforaustin #artbuddies

15-12-2018 14:57:40

Raising them up right! #hookem🤘

15-12-2018 14:53:47

Can’t wait for the “I do” Happy birthday dude. Lets make it lit after I get out of this final at noon ️ love you

15-12-2018 14:26:00